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Teens can flex their creative muscle and find their voice at WMCAT’s teen art studios downtown. High school students will use professional technology and learn a variety of amazing art and design skills in a team environment with professional artists.

Our studios include photography, video game design, interactive design, ceramics, fashion, claymation, textiles, comic + zine, street art, and music and video production. We offer after school programming for Grand Rapids Public high school students and daytime classes in partnership with Kentwood Public Schools and Kent Innovation High.

These programs are supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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WMCAT PLUS events are on the second Saturday of every month. Free for enrolled WMCAT students! GRPS teens $10 per PLUS event. Limited spots available so sign-up with the form at the bottom of this page OR at WMCAT today! Read More...
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How to Enroll and Get Started

Teen Design Teams use the arts to explore, create, share Students attending Grand Rapids Public high schools can join WMCAT’s after school teen arts program. Hang out in a cool space at WMCAT’s teen arts studios downtown. Make new friends Read More...

Graphic Design Team

Join this design team and use up-to-date technology to create logos, posters, t-shirt designs and more! Besides creating your own graphic design projects, this team will utilize graphic design skills to make a positive impact by developing a creative solution Read More...
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Video Game

Got videogames on the brain? Then this design team is for you! Join Mr. Justin and the Video Game DesignTteam to learn how to create digital video games and 3D illustrations. Besides creating your own 3D designs, this team will Read More...
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Mobile Games

  Mobile Game design team coming fall 2014. Stay tuned for details on this super cool design team where you will develop games and apps for mobile platforms.
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Digital Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words! Join the photography team to explore different techniques and discover the power of an image. Your team will have the exciting opportunity to work with a community partner and put your new skills Read More...
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Alternative Photo

Alternative Photo explores the other side of photography where creativity rules. Community partner Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.
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Audio + Video

Love movies? Join the video production team and explore the art of filmmaking. Learn how to create a film from start to finish, develop your own movie shorts then utilize your new skills to produce a collaborative film for a Read More...
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Interactive Design

  Got an app for that? Don’t wait for it to be developed, design your own! This design team will develop a creative solution for a local nonprofit utilizing an interactive design solution. The team will also explore other design Read More...
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Street Art

Calling all doodlers, comic book aficionados, and street art enthusiasts. Join forces with Mr. George’s team and learn exciting techniques in drawing and painting. As a team, utilize these new creative skills to complete a project for a community partner Read More...
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Comic + Zine

A new design team for fall 2014. Stay tuned to learn how you can create published comics and zines, using your talent in illustration, layout and writing.


Would you describe yourself as a fashonista or a trend-setter with an eye for design? Then the fashion design team is for you! Join this design team to create one-of-a-kind fashions and explore creative ways to use fibers such as Read More...


The textiles design team works fabric into sculpture, taking their sewing skills to new levels. Community partner Family Promise


A new ceramic studio is coming to WMCAT for teens in fall 2014. Stay tuned to learn how you can join a design team that gets their hands dirty with clay!  


Claymation comes to WMCAT in fall 2014. Stay tuned for details on creating with clay and working as an animator.